Sunday, April 29, 2012

Update 04-29-12

Last week was insanely busy with work. Training started very solid, but fizzled, in large part due to work. Workouts since my last post:

Wednesday, Workout Trainer workouts: Wicked Weights, and Washboard Abs Blast. Both were great workouts, had my muscles burning and sweat dripping. Two thumbs up on both.
Thursday, I ended up skipping. I took Evan to 'Take Your Child To Work Day', and couldn't see dragging him out of bed at 5 to wait around while I worked out. Plus, I needed to get to the office a bit earlier to get a jump on the day.
Friday, just a quick 1,000 meters in the pool. I needed to cut it short so I could get in the office, had a big project due.

After a weekend of not the best diet, and no serious workouts, I'm determined make up for a slow finish to last week with full and solid week of training.

On a personal note, I did have a great weekend with lots of family time. Autism continues to throw us curve balls. Quin has displayed more and more 'stemming' behaviors lately. They are usually quite harmless, at the most a little annoying. But the latest has us a bit worried. He's started licking his hands, and we're having trouble getting him to stop. This can be a bit concerning, as a parent, you never want to think about where your kids hands have been. Guess we'll have to stock up on hand sanitizer until this behavior passes.

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