Friday, April 20, 2012

Training; 04-20-12

Plan a gym workout with my lovely wife for tomorrow, so I threw in an extra pool workout this morning. I felt pretty fatigued, except my legs felt fresh. So I set out to punish my legs a bit. Note: This workout was on my own at Health Ridge Fitness in Olathe, KS, which has a 25 meter pool.

QtyMetersIntervalTotal Mtrs
21002:00200BrstKickDcnd as intervals increase
21002:05200BrstKickDcnd as intervals increase
21002:10200BrstKickDcnd as intervals increase
21002:15200BrstKickDcnd as intervals increase
21002:20200BrstKickDcnd as intervals increase
21002:25200BrstKickDcnd as intervals increase
21002:30200BrstKickDcnd as intervals increase
21002:35200BrstKickDcnd as intervals increase
1100100Cool Down

I stole this set from Coach Glenn Mills and his web site Actually, this was a modification of his 'set of the week'. The set went pretty well. I started at 1:48, and by #12 got down to 1:37. Legs really tightened up, and couldn't get any faster, last one was 1:39. Mission accomplished. Legs are no longer fresh. Should have done more cool down, but was running late.

Want to be a better swimmer? I encourage you to check out Coach Mills' web-site, download his GoSwim app, and/or follow him on Twitter @goswim. The guy knows his stuff, and is very well respected among the best swimmers in the country!  Thanks for the set coach!!

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