Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Training; 04-18-12

I know that in order to improve my swimming, I need to work more than just in the pool. I head to the gym twice a week to do a 'dry land' work out. Up until about a year and a half ago, I used to do the same weights routine, week in and week out. Although I was able to challenge myself, I knew I needed something different. It came from the mantra, if you keep doing the same things, you'll get the same results. I wanted better results. I knew I couldn't afford a personal trainer, I needed a different, cheaper solution. One day I was playing around with my new smart phone, and stumbled across something in the app store. Work out Apps. There are a bunch, do a search on Google Play (used to be Android App Store) for 'Workout Plan', and you get 1,375 results. Best of all, many of them are Free.

The app I'm using currently is called Workout Trainer by Skimble. Whats great about this app is the exercises are timed, and it gives you voice commands when you change from one exercise to the next. It really keeps you moving and helps you get a great workout in a limited amount of time.

Today I did 3 workouts:
Core Abs & Stretches
Upper Body Pusher
Balancing Act

These were fairly challenging, but following the workout, I was wishing it was more demanding. I need to remember something I always tell people, "Any workout is what you make of it". It's always within your power to make it more, or less challenging!

Tip: I look up the workouts I want to do the night before. Never go to the gym without a plan! Workout Trainer allows me to put the workouts I've chosen on my calendar. With this I don't waste time searching for the workouts I've chosen, I just go to my calendar, and click the link that goes directly to my work out. No gym time wasted!!

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