Monday, April 16, 2012

Introduction: Welcome to my blog

Hi! I’m Tony Rezek. I’m a husband, and father of 2 boys. I have a demanding career in construction, and an insatiable desire to challenge myself. I like to believe we are a family of active, hard working, and caring people. We live comfortably in a Kansas City suburb. But like any family, we have our challenges. Our biggest challenge is Autism. Our youngest son Quin was diagnosed in September of 2008. We work hard to overcome the challenges of Autism, which seem to be constantly surprising us with a new curve ball. Yet we know it could be worse. Quin’s place on the Autism Spectrum is on the mild end. We are thankful everyday for what communication and hugs and progress we do enjoy that many families with Autism do not. That’s why we try to give back. This is my 3 rd year with Train 4 Autism. T4A helps me find a way to give back. I select an athletic event. I train for it. And T4A to helps me raise funds for the Autism charity of my choice. In 2012, my event will be the USMS Summer Nationals, July 5-8 in Omaha, NE. My charity will be the Ozark Center for Autism, a not-for-profit organization in Joplin, MO whose facilities were destroyed in the May 22, 2011 tornado. I invite you to follow along on this blog for the next couple of months while I complete preparation for my event. I will write about just about anything going on in my life, but focus on my training and fundraising.

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