Friday, December 27, 2013

Fish Out of Water II

The time is here. My first marathon is tomorrow. Can’t say I’m not nervous, but I’m much more confident than I was a few months ago.
I followed a training plan, skipping just one workout, a 3 miler that was supposed to happen yesterday, but I was in bed sick with a stomach bug. Fortunately I’ve bounced back pretty quickly, and was able to complete the final workout this morning with no trouble.
Here is what I’ve done since September 2nd:
63 running workouts
A total of 437.52 Miles
Running for a total of 70 hours: 52 minutes: 22 seconds
Workout #1 was an average pace of 11:22 per mile, which was my slowest run
Average pace of all running since September 2 is 9:43 per mile
Fastest pace was 8:19 per mile (a combo indoor track & treadmill run)
This training plan included 6 runs that were farther than I have ever run in my lifetime, which was a ½ marathon (13.1 miles)
Longest run, 3 runs of 16 miles each
Training for this has been long, and frankly not very fun. I know many people enjoy running, I just don’t fit in that group. As much of a struggle it is for me, I know it doesn’t compare to the struggle of every person living with Autism with every waking moment of their life. Knowing that makes it easy for me to push through.

You can track my run live on Runkeeper , and I believe it will post my progress at some point on my Facebook page. Just hope my phone battery can make it thru the whole run.
If you are interested in helping out in anyway, or just want more information, here are links to all the info:
Run with me (there are 5k, half marathon, and marathon options):
Volunteer, or help provide supplies:
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