Monday, April 23, 2012

Training; 04-23-12

First, I got a 'bonus' workout in Saturday morning. It's always a pleasure to exercise with my lovely wife. She wanted to try out this app I've been using for workouts (Workout Trainer by Skimble). So I picked a workout I thought would be challenging for her, a good workout for me, and fun for both. Boy did I miss the mark. I picked Fat Burner Deluxe thinking it shouldn't be a problem, and would target what she would want to do in a workout. It turned out pretty well, except it was brutally difficult. It was tough, and not nearly as fun as it could have been. But, she likes the way the workouts are structured, and put the app on her phone so she can do them on her own.

Next, this morning I hit the pool again. I like to get in some speed in the water at least once a week, and its nice to get it done on Monday. I did variation of a set that I've done several times in the last year, the goal is to get some really fast 50 times. Here's the workout (Note, this was at Health Ridge Fitness, so it's a 25 meter pool)

QtyMetersIntervalTotal Mtrs
425:20 Rest100BrstSwimDcnd
 1501:00350StrokeSwimAll Out 
 0Odd sets, stroke is breast 
    0Even sets, Fly,Back,Free 
1100100Cool Down

I was really pleased with this one. All 4 of my 50s breast were sub 35. I'm really pleased with that kind of speed with as hard as I've been working and how tired I am right now. Expecting big things when I taper!!

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